Your Crowning Achievement Can be Realized with Dental Crowns

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You may do everything you can to take care of your teeth, but due to genetics or damage, you may be in danger of losing them. This doesn’t need to be the end result when you choose a dental crown, which helps preserve the tooth structure and allows the tooth to continue to function for years to come. At Monroe Family Dentistry, we offer dental crowns – ones that will fit with your existing tooth color, so your natural smile still shines through.

To ensure a successful dental crown placement and success, it’s vitally important to have good communication with your dentist, as he has good communication with the dental lab. Before making any decisions, it’s wise to learn about dental crowns and if they are a right fit for you.

First of all, a dental crown restores a heavily damaged or decayed tooth, by placing a strong cover over the remaining tooth structure, resembling a natural tooth. There are several options for making a crown: porcelain, gold, porcelain fused to metal, (PFM) and ceramic materials. You and the dentist will make that determination, based on your goals and desires for a healthy smile.

Getting a dental crown usually consists of 2 visits, the first one being the preparation period. We get the tooth ready to accept a crown, whether that means cleaning out decay or the canals with a root canal. We then take impressions and have a temporary created. A few weeks later, you return for the permanent crown placement. For a consultation about dental crowns in Monroe, Michigan, with Dr. [doctor_name, we welcome your call to 734-241-6550.