Summer Fact Finder: Dental Anxiety

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If you find yourself frequently becoming stressed or anxious during an oral health care procedure or even from simply visiting your dentist office, you may suffer from dental anxiety. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it is always best to speak with your oral health care professional for your best possible treatments. Listed below are common guidelines and treatments concerning dental anxiety:

– If you suffer any pain or discomfort during an oral health care procedure speak with your dentist so that nitrous oxide sedatives can be administered.
– Squeeze balls and fidget spinners have been shown to help alleviate symptoms linked to dental anxiety.
– Enhance your breathing patterns by breathing slowly and deeply to help treat anxiety. Make sure to take deep, long breaths between each breath.
– Speak with your dentist to see if calming music will help during dental procedures to help drown out any noises that may contribute to your dental anxiety.
– Think about your happy place if you are suffering from any sort of stress or anxiety linked to dental anxiety.

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