It’s Possible to Have a Genetic Disposition to Tooth Decay

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Do you seem to develop an unfair amount of cavities despite a daily practice of proper dental hygiene that includes brushing and flossing? This can seem especially unfair since some people don’t experience cavities despite inconsistent oral care. Genetics play a large role in cavity risk because they can lead to softened tooth enamel and crowded teeth, and we offer some suggestions.

If your heightened risk of cavities is largely due to genetics, providing a solution that addresses the root of the issue can be complicated. To prevent your soft enamel from leading to cavity development, avoid oral harm by not overly or aggressively brushing your teeth and gums. Another risk to avoid is soda, which can further weaken tooth enamel.

Crowded teeth can easily trap bacteria and make brushing and flossing much harder. We can help you determine if you would benefit from orthodontics, tooth extraction and other treatments. Dr. Jeremy Dull and our team will gladly work with you to address overcrowded teeth and improve your oral health needs.

By detecting and treating cavities as soon as possible, we can reduce the extent of the tooth decay and prevent severe tooth pain and the use of root canal therapy to prevent tooth loss.

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