Fix a Smile with Dental Bonding

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All is not lost when you damage a tooth. Sure, your movie-star smile is gone, and your self-esteem along with it. But aside from that, nothing’s terribly wrong, right?

Well, not exactly. A chipped or cracked tooth hurts your smile, but it also impacts your overall oral health. Whether you’re looking to have your teeth fixed from an aesthetic or health standpoint, you have a lot of different options from which to choose.

One of those is dental bonding. Let’s take a look at that procedure and why it might work for you.

What is bonding?
Dental bonding is the process of using a special resin to fix chipped teeth. Dr. Jeremy Dull here at Monroe Family Dentistry in Monroe, Michigan will apply the resin to your affected tooth (or teeth) and shape it to match your natural tooth. That resin is then hardened through the use of a UV light.

Do they last?
Dental bondings are made from a durable resin. That means they hold up to the same abuse your real teeth do. As long as you take care of them, you’ll have a complete, beautiful smile once again.

Perhaps the best part of dental bonding is that it’s a process that doesn’t hurt one bit! It’s a relatively quick procedure, too. If you’d like to make an appointment, or simply learn more, please call us today at 734-241-6550. We can’t wait to help you!