A Dental Implant Can Be Used to Restore a Knocked-Out Tooth

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A blow to the face or other oral trauma that knocks out a tooth often causes such significant damage to the tooth and socket that it cannot be saved through conventional dental treatment. The root of the tooth often needs to be extracted. After your gums have healed, your dentist, Dr. Jeremy Dull, can help restore the full function and appearance of the knocked-out tooth with a dental implant.

First, he will examine the tooth and surrounding bone. It’s important to make sure you have sufficient bone structure to mount a dental implant. If the knocked-out tooth also took some bone structure with it, you might need to have a bone graft.

To install the dental implant, Your dentist will drill a small channel into your jawbone. Then, a titanium implant will be screwed into place. This forms an abutment that will eventually fuse to the surrounding bone tissues to create a powerful anchor.

Once the implant is fully integrated with the surrounding bone tissues, he can fit the abutment with a standard dental crown. With proper care and cleaning, this will fully restore the tooth’s presence in your mouth.

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